Stepping Stones & Springs!

Oct 17, 2011 by

At our first clean-up, we helped reclaim the park’s historical concert stage.   On Saturday, FrOG helped reclaim more of the park’s history!  We had a beautiful fall morning for our projects, with 13 adults and 7 kids helping.

Stepping stones & stairs

First we learned a little about the history of Broomall’s Run: quarries, waterworks, mills, springs- and Broomall’s Dam! Then we learned interesting information about native plants including Witch Hazel, Ginger, Jewelweed and Spicebush, and invasives including Japanese Honeysuckle and Multiflora Rose!

Then we went hard to work!  There used to be three footbridges between Broomall’s Dam and the park’s pond. All three collapsed due to stream bank erosion.  We reclaimed one of those stream crossings by installing stepping stones at the site of the middle footbridge!  We also installed stairs on the steep stream bank down to the stepping stones, and we cleared the trails on both sides.

Then, we cleared the overgrown trail leading to the old springs on the west side of Broomall’s Run, near the waterfall– they used to be a source of drinking water in the park! We found the sources of two springs, and a (Common Garter or Eastern Ribbon?) Snake nearby.

Those with younger kids helped pick up trash along the trails.  Many thanks to the volunteers who came out- it was fun!


Witch Hazel

either Common Garter or Eastern Ribbon Snake




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