Media Borough Council vote on the 3rd Street Bridge/Dam

May 30, 2012 by

As we reported on our Facebook page on May 17: We are disappointed to report that in a 5-2 vote, Media Borough Council voted to replace the 3rd Street Dam and create an automobile road. We appreciate that this is a complicated project with a complicated history. But a lot of new information and new options have arisen since the first public meeting on this project last August, and this was an opportunity to make the outcome something much better. We will continue to look at ways to positively impact the outcome of the 3rd Street project, and of course continue all of our other work to preserve and enhance Glen Providence Park.

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  1. John

    Hello Stephanie,
    I remember back a while you mentioned a covered bridge design. I am pretty sure that the response was that PENDOT would not pay for any extras. While a covered bridge may be too much money that does not mean that something else couldn’t be done to make the area more astethically pleasing. I am not claiming to have a viable idea but was thinking maybe even some kind of an arch way or even some type of stone structure off to the side describing the history of the park. I also remember someone from your group saying we have a chance to make the area not just a means of traffic but a destination of it’s own. I am hoping that something can be worked out to make the bridge one lane to make sure that more than enough space can be designated to non motorized crossings. I think that would go a long way in keeping the ability to have something unique and fitting for this spot. I don’t know if anythign has changed since the last vote or how you are concentrating your efforts at this time but if things go forward as planned I know you can be helpful in making the best out of the situation. I am a mason by trade and would be glad to offer any of my skills to assist in any way.I love the idea of a covered bridge and who knows maybe that is an option but if not hopefully something else can be done.

    Thanks ,

    John Queeney

    • stephanie

      Hi John,

      You list some great ideas- I love the thought of a stone structure describing the history of the park! We need to find out what the design process will be going forward, and what the best way will be to give input. We certainly hope that Borough Council will seek thoughtful suggestions like yours to guide the final design of the project. We will report on what we find out!

      Thank you,


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