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Since Borough Council’s decision to proceed with the $4 million reconstruction of Broomall’s Dam, their deliberations have turned to usage issues of the roadway, which Media Borough will maintain after construction is complete. Usage is important as it affects design. Debate has centered around the width of the roadway, how many lanes of vehicular traffic and pedestrian access. No decision has yet been made, but most recently a majority seemed to favor a one-lane road with a pedestrian lane.

A Shared Vision for Third Street

Members of Friends of Glen Providence Park presented their vision for the Third Street Roadway to Borough Council Thursday night. Linda Healy, Terry Rumsey and Robin Lasersohn made the case for a community vision for the park, with the principles of:

  • Ensuring public safety,

  • Minimizing environmental damage, and

  • Enhancing community enjoyment.

To back up these principles, FrOG has determined group support for:

  1. A one-way automobile road
  2. A west to east roadway with emergency vehicle access
  3. Borough-managed traffic control with electric gates or bollards
  4. Prioritizing pedestrian access with amenities such as benches
  5. Utilizing historically appropriate materials to match the historic park structures

Read the handout presented to Borough Council – A Shared Vision for Third Street. Council members had no specific comment. Media Patch has reported on the presentation and is asking whether its readers support FrOG’s vision. Go there to weigh in!

FrOG is working with a Landscape Architecture student to create a design that visually represents these principles. Check back here soon to see the results, or come to a FrOG Advocacy meeting! Email us at to learn more.

If you are interested in dam safety issues as well, come to the Dam Safety Tour and Workshop on August 20th from 4:30-6pm at Broomall’s Dam on Third Street.

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  1. John

    Can you please explain the purpose of the elecric gate or bollards? Who would be in charge of determining if the road is to be open? Is this being done for an evniromental reason? Sorry if this has been addressed already. Thanks

    • Terry Rumsey


      This is Terry Rumsey, the Co-Chair of the Third Street Advocacy Committee for the Friends of Glen Providence Park.

      The purpose of the electronic gate or bollards on the parkway at Third Street would be to open and close the road to regular automobile traffic as needed but to always ensure access for emergency vehicles.

      Park users have consistently advocated for restricting automobile traffic in favor of pedestrian and bicycle-only traffic. While the details of road use would need to be negotiated, one idea is to open the road to automobiles during business hours but close it to autos on evenings and weekends. Media Borough officials would be in charge of determining road use.

      Restricting auto traffic would reduce air and noise pollution, protect wild life, and enhance the recreational experience of park users. No automobiles have used the parkway for the last 16 years. The town has prospered and more pedestrians have used and enjoyed Third Street at the park.

      Thanks for your interest.

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