Vision for 3rd Street, Part 2

Sep 17, 2012 by

Friends of Glen Providence Park presented a fuller vision of the 3rd Street bridge to Borough Council on September 6th.

It was the fruit of the Advocacy Committee of Friends of Glen Providence Park’s work with a 5th year Landscape Architecture Student, Melissa Boffa. See below how the principles of public safety, control of environmental damage and prioritizing pedestrians was turned into a visual rendering.

The rendering as presented to Media Borough Council.

Most importantly, Friends of Glen Providence Park is urging Borough Council to construct a one-way, one-lane automobile road with a separate  path to maximize pedestrian safety and access while minimizing damage to Glen Providence Park. The dam reconstruction is expected to destroy 1.1 acres of park, including mature trees, native plants, wetlands, historic springs and trails. This area will be filled in with “earthfill” to create a large earthen dam. Each foot that is conserved on the roadway atop the dam conserves one foot of Glen Providence Park, so for a 500 foot wide dam, that adds up quickly!

Borough Council is expected to make a decision on the width of the roadway at its September legislative meeting this Thursday, September 20th at 8pm.

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