10/18/12 Support the 3rd Street Compromise

Oct 13, 2012 by

Media Borough Council has crafted a compromise solution for the Third Street Project. We urge you to let Council know that you support the compromise, which balances a portion of the town’s desire for automotive passage and FrOG’s and many others’ principles of minimizing damage to Glen Providence Park and prioritizing pedestrian and bicycle transportation and safety. This option includes a one-way, one-lane automotive vehicle lane from Upper Providence into Media, and a pedestrian and bicycle lane which is protected from the car lane by a buffer. Emergency vehicles will have two-way access. Have a look at our Vision for Third Street to get a visual idea of what the bridge might look like (but note this is not Borough Council’s design).

Media Borough Council has recently been brought back into court by Broomall’s Lake Country Club, which has filed a petition for contempt asserting that Media Borough has not upheld its end of their three way legal agreement. Essentially, BLCC is taking Media Borough to court to get a two-lane road.

Media Borough Council needs to hear that you support their compromise!

We invite you to:

  • learn more about the compromise solution for the Third Street Project

  • attend the Borough Council Meeting on October 18th and support Council directly and publicly

  • email Borough Council and share your opinions (or if you live in Upper Providence, you can also email your councilmembers)

  • email Delaware County Council and share your opinions

  • write a Letter to the Editor to Town Talk (cparkerATdelconewsnetwork.com) or Delaware County Daily Times (editorATdelcotimes.com)




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  1. David W. Reinhard

    I support entirely the compromise as constructed by Borough Council.

    • Terry Rumsey


      It would be very helpful if you could come and speak out in favor of the compromise at the October 18th Council Meeting at 8:00 PM.

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