Judge Proud Revokes Stipulation on Third Street Dam/Bridge

Feb 27, 2013 by

On Monday, February 25, 2013, Judge James Proud revoked the 2011 Stipulation Agreement between Media Borough, Broomall’s Lake Country Club, and Delaware County regarding the Dam/Bridge at Third Street in Media.

Read the Delaware County Daily Times article about it here.

Read Judge Proud’s Order Revoking the Stipulation.

At this point, all past agreements and Borough Council decisions regarding the Third Street Dam/Bridge project could essentially be nullified or rendered obsolete. The Judge’s decision has created a legal, political, and economic situation that is fluid, complex, and challenging.  The decision could also open the door to new options that are potentially much better for the Park and Park users. The leadership of the Friends of Glen Providence Park is in the process of discussing this dramatic turn of events.  We plan to issue a statement in the near future, and we will be calling the members of the organization together to receive your input.

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  1. John

    Now that the situation is back in limbo should people be concerned about safety when visiting the park? I have heard so many times that the dam is one of the most dangerous in the state so is it wise to even keep the park open? Does Media plan on doing anything to protect people when visiting GPP? I can’t imagine that things will be left as is considering all of the danger involved. If the dam is that precarious shouldn’t everything be shut down right away?

    John Queeney
    Kirk Lane
    Media PA

    • stephanie

      Hi John,

      We had a dam safety workshop last August, where the PADEP explained safety issues concerning the dam: https://glenprovidencepark.org/2012/11/07/dam-safety-current-future/ Richard Reisinger of the DEP indicated that they monitor the dam, and he did not think the safety situation was dire, however he certainly indicated that it does need to be addressed.

      We also have questions about the dam’s ongoing safety- we have made some inquiries, and hope to be able to report more soon.

      If there were any precautions to be taken, it would be by either the County as the owner of the park, or the swim club as controller of the Broomall’s Lake water level.

      Thank you for your concern and your inquiry.


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