Update on 3rd Street Litigation Status

Apr 17, 2013 by

As we previously reported, on Monday, February 25, 2013, Judge James Proud revoked the 2011 Stipulation Agreement between Media Borough, Broomall’s Lake Country Club (BLCC), and Delaware County regarding the Dam/Bridge at Third Street in Media. You can read Judge Proud’s Order Revoking the Stipulation.

In March, BLCC filed an Appeal of Judge Proud’s ruling in Commonwealth Court.  It is our understanding that the Commonwealth Court will either refuse to hear the Appeal or it will schedule a hearing to consider its merits.  This process is likely to take a minimum of three months.  If the Commonwealth Court denies the BLCC Appeal, the case will be sent back to Judge Proud to decide the long-standing dispute over who owns Broomall’s Lake Dam. While it is impossible to predict the exact timeline for resolving this complex legal contest, it is clear that no final resolution is imminent.

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