Our 10th Anniversary!

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Friends of Glen Providence Park first met on July 14, 2011 at Seven Stones Café in Media. We organized in response to the threat to the north end of the park by the reconstruction of Broomall’s Dam, and we continue to advocate to minimize damage to the park’s wetlands, wildlife, and plants. Our activities quickly expanded to nature walks, citizen science, plantings, and much more, with free and family-friendly events every month (minus a few Covid months) since September 2011!

We had a magical 10th Anniversary celebration at our Arts in the Park concert on Saturday, July 10, and we were honored that Delaware County Parks Director Marc Manfre and Media Mayor Bob McMahon attended to mark the occasion.

Before celebrating with cupcakes, we shared a list of 10 of our accomplishments and activities over the past 10 years, with an emphasis on the many people who have helped…

  1. 3rd Street Advocacy: This all started when we learned the devastating impact the planned 3rd Street project would have on the northern section of the park. We spent countless hours including research and attending dozens of public meetings looking for ways to minimize that destruction.
  2. Citizen Science: Over 200 plant and wildlife species documented on Citizen Science databases, including 19 reptiles & amphibians, 58 trees, and 129 birds.
  3. Conservation Crew: Since 2013, our Friday morning Conservation Crew has worked more than 960 hours removing invasive plants, and on many other projects to protect wildlife habitat.
  4. Communications: Through thousands of informational Facebook posts, a monthly newsletter, postings on our entrance kiosks, presentations, and now videos on YouTube.
  5. Extensive historical research: Ghost stories, Scroggie Valley, a shingle mill, National Historic Register availability and more, compiled in 31 articles on our website, and counting!
  6. Native tree plantings: Hundreds of native trees, shrubs, and woodland plants in the glen, with 231 volunteers working a combined 719 hours to improve wildlife habitat and stream quality, and reduce erosion.
  7. Park cleanups: We have held 20 cleanups since September 2011, with 448 volunteers working a combined 837 hours keeping the park and stream healthy for its plants, wildlife habitants, and human visitors.
  8. Environmental education: Dozens of free & family-friendly nature walks with 18 different guides – covering birds, trees, fungi, geology, herpetology & more… over 1,300 people have attended!
  9. Collaborations: We have worked with many organizations on events and projects, including but not limited to CRC Watersheds, Delaware County Parks & Recreation, the Conservation District, Keep Media Green, Media Providence Friends School, Media Rotary, Media Business Authority, Media Arts Council, Media Presbyterian Senior Craftsmen, Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts, and Transition Town Media.
  10. Arts in the Park: In addition to collaborating on this year’s lovely new entrance mural, we have presented 29 free community concerts in a wide array of musical styles; Shakespeare, storytelling, and ballet – and we have never repeated a performer!

We are all-volunteer nonprofit organization, and all of our events are free and family-friendly. Our mission is “to preserve and enhance the natural and historical resource of Delaware County’s oldest park, founded in 1935 as a bird sanctuary and arboretum.” You can find out more about all of our activities by exploring the Menu, Categories, and Tags on our website, through our numerous Facebook photos and posts (no Facebook account needed to view!), and on our new-this-year YouTube channel!

A special thank you to Marc Manfre at Delaware County Parks & Recreation for his support of our activities and efforts in Glen Providence Park, and for all he does to maintain the 800+ acres of Delaware County parks.

Thank you to all who have followed us through our website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and newsletter; attended our events; joined our committees; attended Borough meetings; lent their expertise; volunteered; led our nature walks; and even donated to support our efforts. Each one of you makes a difference!

We are happy to see so much community support for Glen Providence Park!

Stephanie Gaboriault, President
Marcia Tate, Vice President
Holly Hoffmann, Treasurer
Lisa Johnson, Secretary
Charles Randall, Board of Directors

Check out some of our anniversary photos below – click on any for a closer look.

Friends of the Glen committee – and present & past board – members shown in first photo, left to right: Aura Lester, Rich Hoffmann, Shannon Robards, Dylan Atkins, Linda Emory, Holly Hoffmann, Stephanie Gaboriault, Lisa Johnson, Paul Schlenker (in background), Marcia Tate, Charles Randall, Terry Rumsey, Nate Pentz, and (just offscreen with her dog) Robin Lasersohn. Further out of frame but in attendance: Stan Hibberd, Michael Straw, and (behind the camera) George Tate. Additional present & past members: Ron Brzowski, Krista Dimond, Susan Harrington, Kristen Keel, Mike Rolli, Jane Sleutaris, and Rick Sleutaris.

Photos by George Tate

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