Third Street Bridge to be Pedestrian-Bicycle Only

Jun 16, 2023 by

Media Borough Council has decided to pursue a redesign of the Third Street bridge as a pedestrian and bicycle-only bridge in the wake of the conservation easement of 4 acres of BLCC land (and the end of the road for an unnecessary high-hazard dam). Friends of Glen Providence Park is pleased with this decision as it will have the least impact on the 33-acre county park in the short and long term.

The decision, which was announced last night at their June 15th meeting, followed a review of cost estimates, consultation with first responders and in-house professionals, and previous community surveys. Borough Council will work with state agencies, representatives of Delaware County and Broomall’s Lake Country Club to develop a preliminary design all can agree on. The public will be invited to comment following the presentation of the design which may take up to 24 months.

Borough Council will additionally seek the services of an environmental professional to advise on the restoration of Broomall’s Run stream, particularly the methods used to slow the stream following the removal of the remnants of the dam. Friends of Glen Providence Park and Media Borough’s own Environmental Advisory Council had requested this independent environmental review. Friends of Glen Providence Park believes a streamside forest buffer may be the most natural and cost-effective solution.

While the road ahead has many considerations, Friends of Glen Providence Park applauds this decision for an environmentally-sensitive connection between Media and Upper Providence. We still believe a participatory process with the public will help this pedestrian-bicycle bridge fit the vision of the Media-UP community and become a celebrated success.


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