Listed below are the individuals and families who became Founding Funders by providing initial funds in support of Friends of Glen Providence Park’s efforts to preserve and enhance the park, and businesses and organizations who donated goods, services or money to support FrOG’s work. We are grateful to all of them as well as the support of our volunteers!


Founding Funders

Dylan and Patricia Atkins, Kailey and Samantha

Faith and Peter Balsama

Michael JJ Campbell and Susan Garrison

Adeline Cianella

Shannon and Kent Davidson

Stephanie and Randy Gaboriault, C and R

Chip and Susan Harrington

Linda Healy

Tom Hibberd

Holly and Rich Hoffmann, Casper, Sylvia and Lucas

Lisa Johnson and Ted Laarkamp

Molly Klein

Bill Kreider and Linda Trout

Mandy Kyle Morroni

John and Martina Martin

Jim O’Brien

Susan Owens

Mark and Mariana Piton, Leah

Tom Reeves

Janet Riddle

Terry Rumsey and Robin Lasersohn

Cheryl and Paul Schlenker

Marcia and George Tate


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