Vandalism in Glen Providence Park

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You may have noticed that there was vandalism in Glen Providence Park last fall: someone spray-painted the pavilion and some trees. Delaware County Parks & Recreation did an excellent job remediating the trees within days of our reporting the vandalism to them; in this case the gentlest thing for the trees was to paint over the graffiti.

In the case of the pavilion, County Parks painted over the red graffiti with gray paint which blends with the stone. How sad that this was necessary!

Of course vandalism and littering are nothing new, and certainly not limited to Glen Providence Park, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it…

Help us take care of Glen Providence Park!


Pavilion graffiti remediated

Program this number in your cell phone now:
Delaware County Park Police  610-891-5091

If you notice any suspicious activity, including any activity after sundown:
Call Park Police.  You can call the 610-891-5091 number 24/7 to report any suspicious activity.  They are very responsive!

If you think there is possible criminal activity, including vandalism, do not hesitate to call 911:
This is the way to get Media and/or Upper Providence Police.  In addition, you should contact Park Police, as they have greater familiarity with the park.

Yes, there are rules & regulations!

If you notice new vandalism: 
– If possible, please photograph the damage with your phone or camera, then email us at to report it.  Let us know where the damage is, and attach the photo.  We will reply to let you know the status, and if it is not vandalism we are already aware of, we will report it to County Parks.
– If you prefer, you can contact County Parks directly.  We are working to support them, as Glen Providence Park is just one of the Delaware County parks they manage, and we are pretty fond of this one.

When in doubt, report it! 
The police can’t investigate suspicious activity if they don’t know about it, and County Parks can’t remediate vandalism if they don’t know it’s there.

And finally, bring a trash bag!
Every now and then, bring a bag to pick up that trash you notice!  If we all do this some of the time, it will make a big difference.

Thank you for helping us care for Glen Providence Park!

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