1.1 Acre Project – February

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Here is the first installment of the 1.1 Acre Project, where we are documenting the plants, critters and other points of interest in the area that will be destroyed by the construction of the new dam across Broomall’s Run.

The goal is to record this area of the park throughout the year so it may be remembered once it is gone, and also to document areas of valuable native plants that might be transferred to other areas of the park. There are also possibilities to recover historic stone for use in park structures elsewhere.

The 1.1 acre area holds the historic Iron Spring (once a public drinking area), patches of native plants, valuable wetlands, some very old trees (which were tree mapped previously), as well as the remains of one of the historic foot bridges. Obviously it is home to numerous animals which we hope to document as well.

So, take a look at the photos below, shot by Stephanie Gaboriault, Amy Johnson, Marcia Tate and myself, Shannon Davidson. You’ll see from week to week we notice different things and we each have a different ‘eye.’ You can also visit Friends of Glen Providence Park’s Flickr Gallery with lots of other great shots. If you enjoy taking photos, we welcome your shots on the Flickr page as well!

February was a good month for noticing overwintered berries, the diversity of tree barks and fungi, structural elements and the little bits of green that were the Christmas ferns. Skunk cabbage buds were the earliest sign of spring. As spring emerges this month and in April, we hope to spot native ephemerals, bird and animal activity, and trees leafing out.

December 2020 update: We will be updating our website to enable our Flickr galleries to again display here. Until then, you can view our February 1.1 Acre photos on Flickr.


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