1-25-2015 Winter Bird Walk

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We will kick off our 2015 events in Glen Providence Park with a winter bird walk! It seems like a fitting way to start the 80th anniversary year of this park, which was donated as a Bird Sanctuary and Arboretum in 1935 by George and Eleanor Butler. This bird walk will be led by Al Guarente of the Birding Club of Delaware County – it will be the 5th bird walk that Al has led for us!

Winter Bird Walk

Sunday, January 25
Snow or shine
* Park entrance at 3rd Street & Kirk Lane in Upper Providence *



  • * Please note the location- we are starting at the Upper Providence entrance at Third Street and Kirk Lane. *
  • Estimated distance: 1-1.5 miles
  • Estimated time: 2 hours
  • Snow or shine
  • Free!
  • Be prepared for steep hills, and uneven (possibly wet) terrain: wear your hiking shoes, and bring a hiking pole if you use one… and of course binoculars!

Photo is of a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk in Glen Providence Park.

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