Broomall’s Dam Update: Conservation Easement Agreement Signed

Mar 1, 2023 by

County Conservation Agreement Saves 1.1 Acres of Glen Providence Park and Preserves 4 Acres of Adjacent Open Space!

Friends of Glen Providence Park welcomes the recently finalized conservation easement agreement between Delaware County and Broomall’s Lake Country Club. County funding has been approved to protect the area from an unnecessary replacement dam and from development in the future. We are incredibly grateful to Delaware County Council for taking this step and protecting green space in Glen Providence Park and the surrounding area, which benefits wildlife, plants, and people.

A view of the park’s 1.1 acre directly downstream from the dam and BLCC conservation easement which will be saved from destruction.

The conservation easement revokes a previous 2011 stipulation agreement which required replacement of both the deteriorated dam and two lane roadway, with a return of vehicular traffic.  

Under the previous stipulation, the private country club would have kept their lake, Media Borough would have maintained the roadway and the County would have kept the significantly larger dam free from vegetation. The dam reconstruction project would have required the permanent removal of over 70 mature trees and buried sensitive ecosystems and wetlands in the adjacent Glen Providence Park. It would also have returned heavy car traffic to the northern end of the park, including both the Kirk Lane and Third Street entrances.

Media Borough continues responsibility for managing the multi-million dollar project, largely paid for with Pennsylvania tax dollars. The required state permits for the project were delayed due to the anticipated harm to the park and the lack of an entity willing to be responsible owner for the proposed high hazard dam. 

Advocacy leaders for Glen Providence Park with County Council members after the meeting on March 1. Linda Emory, Marcia Tate, Councilperson Kevin Madden, Robin Lasersohn, Stephanie Gaboriault, Councilperson Elaine Paul Schaefer, Terry Rumsey, Lisa Johnson.

Friends of Glen Providence Park looks forward to seeing the site development plans referenced in the Conservation Easement agreement, and we will share them with you when we can. We are asking for assurances that future construction and management of the area meets regulatory requirements, as well as best environmental practices. 

Friends of Glen Providence Park will continue to monitor the water quality of Broomall’s Run and advocate for protection of the area’s ecosystem. We will also advocate for continued community involvement in designing a new connection between Media Borough and Upper Providence Township.

Partial view of BLCC conservation easement area, totaling 4 acres. This view looks across the former lake towards 3rd Street/the old dam. Glen Providence Park trees are in the distance, and the 1.1 acre is directly downstream from this site. The preservation of this land will benefit the water, soil, flora and fauna of Glen Providence Park. This creates a more lovely park, and healthier air and water for humans.
1.1 acre vista
View our “Year in the 1.1 Acre,” our citizen science project of 2013.

Visit our “Nature” tab to explore the wildlife of the park, or check out all the species of birds and trees found so far in the park! Learn about the historical springs in the 1.1 acre! If you dare, read about the saga of Broomall’s Dam, abandoned since the 1990s but subject to years of litigation and dispute.

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