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We experienced several trail conditions at our Winter Bird Walk in Glen Providence Park on Sunday, from ice and snow to slush and mud! Despite the challenging trails and cold weather, the birds were active and cooperative. We spotted a nice array of species, including multiple kinds of woodpeckers, sparrows, hawks and crows. An ever-endearing Brown Creeper (in photo) seemed to follow us along the path, while a Winter Wren determinedly hid from us in some brush. Throughout the park, we encountered remarkably chatty and active Carolina Wrens. As we finished, we were treated to pairs of Hooded Mergansers and Black Ducks, then a flock of Snow Geese flew overhead!

It was an appropriate first event for the 80th Anniversary year of Glen Providence Parkwhich George and Eleanor Butler donated in 1935 as a Bird Sanctuary and Arboretum!

Thank you so much to the intrepid souls who attended, and to Al Guarente of the Birding Club of Delaware County for leading his 5th bird walk for us!


Winter Bird Walk eBird list:

January 25, 2015
27 species

200 – Snow Goose
100 – Canada Goose
2 – American Black Duck
25 – Mallard
3 – Hooded Merganser
1 – Turkey Vulture
1 – Red-shouldered Hawk
1 – Red-tailed Hawk
1 – Mourning Dove
3 – Red-bellied Woodpecker
5 – Downy Woodpecker
1 – Hairy Woodpecker
1 – Northern Flicker
3 – Blue Jay
2 – American Crow
1 – Fish Crow
15 – Carolina Chickadee
20 – Tufted Titmouse
3 – White-breasted Nuthatch
1 – Brown Creeper
1 – Winter Wren
10 – Carolina Wren
1 – Song Sparrow
10 – White-throated Sparrow
20 – Dark-eyed Junco
5 – Northern Cardinal
1 – American Goldfinch

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