Haiku of Scroggie in Winter

Jan 25, 2022 by

Haikus beautifully written by CJ Randall about Glen Providence Park, previously known as Scroggie Vallley. Written 2018-2021.

“Happy new year”
  I say to the wise old trees.
    “Just enjoy the day.”                               

Trees don’t talk to me –
  their long, open sighs welcome
    all who cooperate                     

The trees sleep standing
   They don’t see the pond freezing
      All winter they sleep               

Winter sunset –
  bright sun and clouds, but not warm,
    West ridge on fire                                          

No sound    no movement
   sun setting through frozen woods –
      Aha!   a wren’s song.                    

Path is snow-icy
  detail and depth perception
    heightened on the braes

Wandering thru clans
    of trees in the open woods
      I feel connections.                 

Looking with the sun
   upstream in the local Glen     
      so many bare trunks                              

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